Kutai kingdom standing history

The first Hindu kingdom in Indonesia was found because of some of the inscriptions were 7 Yupa. Yupa is a Sanskrit inscribed stones are deliberately made ​​to alert the sacrifice. Thus estimated Kutai Kingdom has been around since 400 AD. With the discovery of the inscription is obtained the statement that the first king of the Kingdom of Kutai named Kudungga, grandfather of King Mulawarman.

My father is the King of Kings Mulawarman Asawarman, king of the two who replaced Kudungga. Asawarman is the son of King Kudungga. Pengankatan Asawarman become a king with vratyastoma way, a way which means the removal of the Hindu caste person become a high or noble.

5 Caste Hindu kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara: aristocratic caste, Brahmins, caste Kshatriya caste of Vaishya, and the Sudra caste.

Then King Asawarman in Substitute by Her named Mulawarman. It is known that the king Mulawarman 20,000 cows give alms to the Brahmans in the holy land called Waprakeswara.

Then, the kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara Keep changing – changing the King, here are the Names Raja Kutai Kingdom Kertanegara: Maharaja Marawijaya Warman, Warman Gajayana Maharaja, Maharaja Tungga Warman, Warman Jayanaga Maharaja, Maharaja Nalasinga Warman, Parana Tungga Nala Maharaja, Maharaja Dewa Gadingga Warman, Maharaja Dewa Indra Warman, Warman Sangga Maharaja Dewa, Candrawarman Maharaja, Maharaja Sri Lanka god, Maharaja Dewa To Parana, Maharaja Wijaya Warman, Maharaja Sri Aji Gods Son Highness Maharaja, Maharaja Nala Pandita, Maharaja Dewa Indra Paruta, Maharaja Setia Dharma.

Until the collapse of the Kutai kingdom, the power of Dharma Maharaja Setia, Setia Dharma Because Maharaja died in battle at the hands of King aquatic mammal to-13, Aji Prince Panji chances, Anum.

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